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Why Processed Food Is A Vicious Circle?

Why Processed Food Is A Vicious Circle?

Processed foods and health are inextricably linked. Do you know the dangers of processed food? I’m discussing any food that is not raw i.e. it has been cooked or had additives placed in it or had some other sort of “preparation” done to it.

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You know, you could still lose weight also if you eat 100% refined foods. That results from the calorie equation.

The Calorie Equation

As long as you eat much less compared to what you melt, you will lose weight. It is as easy as that but ensuring that you do is not so basic, certainly.

So theoretically, you could consume only processed foods. Heck, you might consume McDonald’s and still slim down.

Glycaemic Index

The first trouble with these foods is the glycaemic index. Food suppliers are not foolish. They desire you ahead back, again and again, and maintain getting their things virtually as if it were some type of medicine.

So they make sure that it supplies an instant hit, near to that of pure sugar. They provide you with one of the most polished food to provide you with all the “finest little bits”. No wonder processed foods “taste so great”.


Naturally, they also add lots of things that are simply not needed. All those weird additive names and you ask yourself why these are required in all?

OK, some are had to maintain the food, however, a lot exist just to make you believe you appreciate the food more and return and also acquire it more often. This makes refined foods a vicious circle – you simply keep consuming an increasing number of until they make up almost all of your diet plan and they seem tough to “give up”.

Saturated Fats

Wonder why cardiovascular disease is such a significant issue?

If you take smoking out of the formula then the other significant reason is our diet. If you prepare all your food from raw ingredients or consume it raw then you do not have a problem.

But refined foods are filled with trans fats as well as various other awesome active ingredients such as acrylamide which is understood to create cancer.

What Should You Do?

Look, you do not need to ditch refined foods totally. That’s next to impossible anyway.

However, you have to lower your refined foods and also boost the amount of raw or unprocessed foods in your diet plan.

Trust me, you’ll live a much longer, much healthier and more satisfying life if you do.


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