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A Different Kind of Horror Story Character

A Different Kind of Horror Story Character

Just recently I was enjoying a pretty poor scary motion picture with a very one-of-a-kind personality. The hero found a cryptozoologist tracking the exact same animal terrorizing the hero’s community. Together, they tracked and damaged the creature. I thought to myself “what an innovative suggestion for a character”.

Cryptozoology is the look for animals believed to exist, yet have not been verified to exist. While generally considered to be a joke amongst the clinical community, Cryptozoologists are major about locating evidence of the creatures they look for.

You cannot enroll in Cryptozoology. There isn’t a level you can reach confirm you are one. Cryptozoologists come from all profession. Some are very informed while others are just committed scientists. Yet they all share a usual goal– searching for and confirming the unidentified types.

How can you utilize this wonderful personality in your horror story?

Every scary story has a person who recognizes the history of the location or the animal being hunted. This person can be an assistant to the hero, or a villain who is dealing with to quit the hero from destroying the monster. This character could also be the hero himself.

Here are some of the methods you could make use of a Cryptozoologist in your tale. One thing you need to do before writing a Cryptozoologist right into your scary story is to look into the field.

There are several websites committed to the study of Cryptids, the creatures they search for. An internet search will certainly bring you lots of research product to utilize.

As a Hero

He can be many things to a story. Moderate and meek, harsh and challenging, know exactly what he is doing, or perhaps be the one that needs to discover how to be strong.

Having him as the hero implies you could do without an additional character who provides the hero with the info he has to situate the animal.

As a Helper

He could be utilized to give the hero area or animal information, assistance track the animal, record the occasion, and even aid record the monster. He can be a severe or comedic personality.

As an Antagonist

He can be a splendidly fun personality. Pretending to be a helper, only to mess up the hero’s strategies. He can be fully evil, driven ridiculous by his need to find and verify this creature’s presence. Or just a person who requires the condition this beast’s evidence would certainly provide him.

There are numerous ways to utilize this type of character, above the basic information giver.

All of it relies on the kind of story you intend to write and just what you want to do with this fantastic character.

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